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Has anyone heard when or if the DROID version is due out? Last time I called, they suggested I get an ICRAP phone!
I spoke to Marshall just this week, and they said they are working on it, but have been focusing all of their resources on the new 4.0 version which will be released in April for IOS. There are some really cool features in that relaease. So much so that I am almost tempted to get an IOS device just to use it for the GPS system. (Geoff will send me a message off line to talk me out of that so I can continue to like myself as much as that is possible)

MRT is hoping to have Android 4.0 ready before the coming season. Developing Android apps which use hardware resources (such as GPS, accelerometer and compass) is much more difficult than a straight "display it on the screen and let them push buttons" kind of mainstream app due to slight differences in the hardware from manufacturer to manufacturer, etc. I can't blame them for exercising caution because I value the reputation of my company as much as they do theirs and I am reluctant to release things until I am absolutely sure they will work. Customers rarely tell other people when something works well but have one small thing go wrong and they will plaster it all over social media like it was an amber alert.