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Then why can Apple not unlock a Locke iPhone. Even if your the original user. And goes against Apples privacy policy.
That is not a case of can't, it's won't.

Apple doesn't need to crack their encryption, they built it. It can be undone by them with no effort at all.

A few years ago they were being subpoenaed to crack some high profile phones. They never said that they couldn't do it, which would have been a lie, they said they would not do it. That it violated their privacy policy. They also claimed they did not already have a toolkit to do it.

They also publicly stated that the FBI, NSA, etc were welcome to make their own keys to crack a iPhone open. I am sure that was done a long time ago. In fact the subpoena might well have been a way to hide that they could already do it because that particular case was not worth making that revelation over. Or maybe the agents involved just did not know the right folks in their agency.

Really it's not hard. Just takes a particular level of geek, and a lot of time. The few minutes to crack is Hollywood fiction. Current encryption technology is a matter of making it take more time to crack than it is worth. But there are other ways in by peeking at how the software works.

I have not looked, but I am sure there are tools already out there in the criminal hacking world that will pop your iPhone open like an egg. It never takes long for that stuff to show up. The bad hackers want you to feel safe, so they do not like that news to get out.