But on another note, I used my gps everyday all day this year on two separate birds. I used telemetry on a third female that didn’t have a track pack. When using the gps I felt no less secure flying the birds than I did with the one that had just radio telemetry. Only real difference is instead of constantly checking for a signal finding direction and getting a mental picture based on only that, to where I can find the bird, the gps just shows you. If your going one way and you think you have the bird pinned down. But for some reason it bumps as your heading to it and flies back the other way. Then throw in a bounced signal or a very weak one. It could take you a minute to actually find the bird.
GPS on the other hand that stuff rocks. It will save you time, money and mind, no guessing.
Wther it runs on Android or Apple it’s going to work pretty much the same. But I’m a Apple fan.