TinyLoc is doing a GPS dog tracker that uses a Direct Radio Link to a handheld receiver. Their dog collar also has a plain beep on it (about 2X the range of the same transmitter pushing data). The handheld also acts as the plain beep receiver. When you are getting a data stream it will Bluetooth the information to an Android phone or tablet for moving map display. If or when they shrink the dog transmitter down to the under 15 gram class required for hawk transmitters one would guess that it will come Android capable.

Price for a beep only receiver plus one UHF transmitter is E630 (about $660 U.S. when you back off 15% VAT and multiply by 1.23)

About a previous question on commitment to service. They sell a refurbishing kit for the receiver with new antennas, battery cover, coax jack rubber cover and volume button rubber cover plus miscellaneous screws for E60.

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