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Apple or Android!!! Oh the agony!!! Please, the arguments IMHO would hilariously
funny, if it weren't such a serious issue. Dell, Compac, Commodore, Samsung, Blackberry, Microsoft, Apple, Mac, iPad, iPhone, software, hardware blah blah blah! If you want to communicate with smoke signal from mountain peak to mountain peak...knock yourself out.
This Marshallradio equipment is what we have wanted forever and IT'S HERE. RIGHT NOW. If Apple is making a buck or two off of me then that is just fine. So yes I drank coolaid and it was DELICIOUS. Difference being, I fly with a new level
of comfort. These birds are to valuable, at least to me, to pass on the most effective and up to date methods of retrieval.
When a GPS system has a transmitter that when out of GPS operating range switchs over to the most powerful transmitter that I know of.... and you folks have an issue with one piece of support technique, an Apple product, that you staunchly are opposed to then I wish you the best.
Spare me with all of the justified reasoning. I've heard it all.
You all had the opportunity to capsize the boat last week with an offer to good to be true. Cutting technology, Android based. The shining ray of light you needed. What happened? It really doesn't matter, because you were all to cautious to drink that coolaid. Face the music people...we're making a fresh batch of coolaid and I'm sure it won't last long.

Damn straight Allen! Thank you!