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That implies that I have a desire to support crapple by running their crap though.

MRT - if you are listenting - there are a lot of customers (80% of the smartphone market share) that you are avoiding by being an apple only shop. I dont know the numbers for tablets, but Apple has only cornered that market in their own imagination as well.
That market share reference gets used all over the technology world, normally as an "android selling pitch" but the reality is the web traffic use is almost evenly split with countries like the UK and US lead by iOS devices (https://deviceatlas.com/blog/ios-vs-...oss-whole-2016 and theres many more articles if you care to look), especially in the tablet world the iOS takes the traffic lead(https://deviceatlas.com/blog/android...re-2017-review). Having 80% market share against apple isn't hard when you complete in market sectors that apple does not. Apple doesn't have those cheap "for the kids" or old time "i dont need a fancy phone" priced products, which is fine, and realistically i'm sure part of Apple's marketing scheme to appear as more elite.

GPS for falconry is a market that in the vast majority of cases isn't targeting those that barely know how to use a phone or those types of people are still whining about the transition to UHF yet alone purchasing a phone to adopt and run the software. The reality is it's not "Android has the lions share of high end tech users" and more probable its a pretty even split in those likely to adopt a GPS product to sling to their mobile (if you factor in tablet use its probably skewed towards apple in that case as they do hold the larger share of the tablet market).

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MRT is hoping to have Android 4.0 ready before the coming season.
They had posted multiple times on their GPS User Group that the Android release would be launched backdated on 3.5 and not on 4.0, did that change recently? Also I know they had posted that the Android release would come with device limitations (certain brands/phones will be approved, but not all). They posted pretty regularly about the Droid stuff for a while on their facebook. They had posted a bit about a lot of struggles with the GPS system being not as accurate and lock times being 3-4x as long as the iOS counterpart. I think you are definitely right they are playing the smart route and not releasing something that would be a nightmare for the userbase.