The Passage Merlin - good condition - $50

The Flying of Falcons - good condition - $70

North American Falconry and Hunting Hawks - new version with two books - good condition - $80

Game Hawking at its Very Best - Excellent condition, still wrapped, signed version - $200


I have 5-6 hoods in various sizes by various makers. Most of them are Dutch style and were purchased from Western or Mikes, one was commissioned by Ray Gilbertson for a female peregrine. Sizes range from Merlin to Gyr. I will count them and get more information later; but, I know I've got close to $500 in them. I'd like to get $250 for the lot, including shipping. Most are in great shape and unused. $250 would probably be a score for someone if they're willing to roll the dice and buy them before I get pictures and more information posted.


I have 2 John Graham noose carpets - one is painted green and one is painted a deadgrass color. They are his new design with a very slick way to put a pigeon on them. The nooses are lightning fast and hold tight while still being easy to open back up. I paid $125/ea for them. Looking for $100/ea or $150 for the pair. They have hardly been used.

I have this Phai trap from Western:

I'll sell it for $75 + I'll split actual shipping with the buyer.


I have this 2 in 1 bow perch from Western:

I'll sell it for $125 shipped.

I have several other block perches that I'll be listing later once I figure out a price. I also have a bunch of other items that I'll be listing once I can get home and take an inventory.

Giant (mini) hood:

I have one of the aluminum miniature giant hoods that a NAFEX member was making and selling several years ago. I'm afraid I've lost the key to it; but, if someone is handy, I'm sure replacing the locking mechanism would be both easy and cheap. I'll sell it for $150 shipped.

Dog Collar:

I have the Garmin Alpha system with the handheld and the collar. I'll still be hunting my GSP; but, I don't need this system anymore. I'll sell it for $650 shipped including the box and everything it came with.

All of these prices, with the exception of the phai trap, include shipping via UPS. I will ship the first business day after receiving PayPal funds and send tracking once UPS picks them up. I'd like PayPal Friends & Family or PayPal + 3% to cover the fees. I will make a deal if someone is interested in buying several items. I'd prefer to sell this stuff as soon as possible.