Thank you for the friendly welcome and the advice.

I understand the level of commitment involved, which is why I'm pursuing is now as opposed to many years earlier when I had neither the time, the money, nor the discipline to do this correctly. As far as food is concerned, I have several strategies in mind. I know an relatively inexpensive supplier of feeder mice and rats (alive and frozen), as well as someone who can sell me surplus (presumably male) chicks.

My main worry at the moment (apart from finding a local sponsor to mentor me) is what to do for a mews (you and other helpful board members have mostly convinced me that an indoor mews isn't practical). I'm looking a various designs online - I'm not especially handy, so I'm trying to find something simple and foolproof with step by step instructions. Ideally, it would be one that can be readily disassembled and re-assembled (bolts rather than nails screws) if necessary.