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    Default 2016 Anatum Barbary Tiercel

    Chamber Raised to 55 days. Starts season around 420g, but ends up 460+g. Molts around 500g. Waits-on well for 40+min. I only have him going up around 400-600ft due to the terrain that we mostly hunt. However, it is not unusual for him to go higher, really depends where we are hunting. Trained on Drone and Pigeons. Will fly the lure. Has hunted Dove, Pigeons, quail, etc.and is extremely aggressive on game, but has shown no tendency to tail chase across the horizon. Not entered on ducks, but I am confident he would go for teal, etc. with no issues. Very tame, acts like an imprint but with perfect manners, no screaming, mantling, or other B.S. Loves taking a bath in the kitchen sink, and hanging out afterward(Don't judge, my daughter loves the little guy). I absolutely do not want to sell him, but I got moved to different position earlier this year at work. So now the amount of travel has sky rocketed. Price includes hood and crate, but not shipping, healthcert, etc. Any questions shoot me a PM.
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