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Ok so i have started my mews, its a 8' x 8' with a metal r panel exterior, it has a 5' x 4' window facing south that my weather area is going to be on wich will also be 8' x 8'.... Ok so my question is, could i use the white panels that are for shower walls for the enterior? Any help would be appreciated
If you are referring to FRP Board, it's what I used in my mews. Put them in over six years ago and they still look brand new. Mutes clean off easily. I live in east Texas, HOT and humid in the summer, gets below freezing (usually) a few days each winter. Boards seem fine with that. The inside walls in my mews are insulated, then a layer of plywood sheeting. The FRP boards are glued to the plywood. Trimmed out properly (with special trim for FRP use). No issues.