hey everyone. I'm Blake and this is my first post. im interested in falconry but wont be starting yet. get out of the military Wednesday(yut yut) and have a job starting Monday. so gotta get everything in order before I start. ive seen a lot of falconers over in east Tennessee. but not many near where I live (middle. right outside of Nashville about 45 minutes to an hour depending on travel) any who. ive worked with birds of prey a lot actually. volunteered with lowcountry raptors for a while(stationed in south Carolina currently) so ive worked with them and just interested. never flown one. since most of them are owls or the odd red tail. mostly rehab due to being hit by cars or the one red tail got attacked in the nest and mangled his feet. either way. im looking forward to being in this forum(I don't know how active it is. found it last night) so just wanted to get a post out there to let yall know that im around. also when im back in Tennessee id like to get in touch with some falconers and see their birds and all. yall have a good day