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Thanks for the info Jeff. Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I was out in the backcountry in the Pintlers for a couple of days. Ray had also provided me some info on the meeting in Belgrade and we are definitely planning on attending. I'm trying to find a couple goods items to submit to the raffle.
Hi doug,

You are welcome to show up. Don't kill yourself on raffle items! There will be a piece of it that is the "business meeting" that is members only. Apparently there are some by-laws that reflect this kind of stuff, but in the 4 years i've been back in MT and involved in this club, i've never seen them or known they exist. So whatever, there's plenty of time before and after to meet n greet. This is after all, supposed to be fun, i think a lot of people forget that and take things way to seriously.

Look forward to meeting you.