I have had two separate pocket links (exchange) and two separate transmitters probably going to be three because it’s going back to Marshall for a check up and possibly exchange. It gets frustrating when it works it works like a dream, but my experience so far Im kinda dissatisfied but not. If it worked flawlessly and kept working repeatedly every time, I would get off the fence.
First issue was pocket link. Stopped charging got it back. It works great now! I know everyone knows about the upgrade transmitter people had to send the transmitter in to upgrade it. Now my transmitter won’t read the battery says it full all the time, never looses power. Wich would be great it it just didn’t randomly die.
I think Marshall has some bugs to work out, even with the headache I’ve had with it so far. I’m willing to hang in there with Marshall I’m sure I can get it sorted and they will fix the bugs in time.
As far as trying to put one to sleep and wake it up I’ve a distance. No way...
But if you loose a bird anyone running 4.0 should be able to track your bird. If your lost bird flew over me while using mine. Pretty sure I would get notified there’s a new transmitter found as long as I wasn’t tracking my limit of transmitters.