Hi everyone~

I'm not yet an apprentice but I've made it through my self-imposed, two-year process of self-interrogation over whether I should pursue the sport or not. So now instead of just living vicariously through all of the various falconry pages on the internet and books I'm now starting to try and pull all of it together and get prepared to start lobbying for a sponsor. This site was recommended by another falconer who suggested I really bone up on housing and equipment knowledge, so here I am! Hi!

Oh yeah, I should mention that I'm really interested in micros. Where I live I could walk out my back door and hunt a small bird on English sparrows, Voles and (of course) insects. We do not have wild rabbits on the island and it's kind of a pain to shuttle over to where there are, so a kestrel just represents more hunting opportunities (as well as just being awesome little birds).