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Hallo Mr Paul , yes we have goshawk and mostly sparrowhawk here in Georgia we have one of the biggest migration way so we really trapping to much sparrowhawk sometimes Daly 30 sparrowhawk, of course we choose the best , training sparrowhawk is easy mostly 1 week enough for training and after we can hunting with them . Keep them need big experience and knowledges because they are small Birds and there is a big risk about disease. But I think here everybody know how to keep birds.

Now about goshawk mostly we trap local nesting birds, they are little bit smaller then Northern goshawk , the weight average around male 500-700gr female 900-1200 gr , from my experience training them need around one month something less or more it depends of bird character . In both of situation for training raptors we use shrike on the stick .
thanks for your post! Can you share pics of your goshawks? What quarry do you fly them on there? I imagine you have Hungarian Partridge or Gray Partridge? Chukar? What are the preferred dogs there? More descriptions and photos of how you trap, train/manning would be of great interest here