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You are on the right track Ron...unfortunately the agenda of PLF is a bit more nefarious than that. They take natural cases pro bono where and when they feel the case will have a precedent setting consequence to weakening natural resource laws. They certainly are not interested in supporting their staff time and court costs to benefit a a couple thousand falconers. Their origins are in the "Wise Use" movement that sprung out of a backlash to environmental laws that had WIDE bi-partisan support including the Nixon Administration and Ford Administration that shepherded the ESA, NEPA, FLMA, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act and others (not Kennedy or Carter).

Of course this era was also part of the legacy of the Peregrine Fund who played a big part in convincing the Nixon Administration's EPA to ban DDT, add raptors to the MBTA, and pass the ESA. Reagan's Secretary of the interior James Watt's was one of the leaders of this notorious backlash...along with industry groups like the PLF. There are sound reasons why any falconer interested in our legacy should look at the PLF with caution. They are an industry front group and this is a plain fact. One of their very first actions was to oppose the banning of DDT - thus why they should be seen by falconers with great suspicion. While I dont want to get into politics...its probably needed in this case. It is the right of industry to defend their interests...but folks need to know who their sleeping with

Switzer, J. V., & Vaughn, J. (1997). Green backlash: The history and politics of the environmental opposition in the US. Lynne Rienner Publishers.

I'm more interested in government accountability. Contrary to what progressive liberals may think, government officials work for the American public.

I would love to see the USFWS held accountable for some of the arbitrary and capricious policy decisions they've made regarding the take of eagles for falconry purposes. This includes regulating the take of eagles out of existence for all intents and purposes. Why am I so focused on eagles? I'm a falconer and a productive and contributing member of society! I also spent many years getting take opened up just to see it closed. Not by rule or regulation, but through policy?

John, you're a falconer and a member of the NAFA Conservation Committee! You mentioned earlier that you didn't want to get into politics, but it was probably needed in the PLF case! That's fine. I've always known who I've been sleeping with. Who are you sleeping with?

Don't get too much heartburn over this. These issues have become so convoluted, it's extremely difficult to navigate through them. Perhaps that was by design. It's too bad falconers aren't more united on these issues!