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How is this for a real world scenario that happened in a state other than California.

During the time frame when the federal regs were reworked, there was a rash of inspections in several states. USFWS region 1, as an example, decided to inspect every single permittee in their borders although they were eventually shut down by their bosses.

At any rate, during this rash of inspections, in as I said a state other than Calyfornia, a falconer was visited who kept a kestrel in her spare bedroom. They insisted on coming in the house to see her facilities, and she complied. No, the door was not kicked down. No, there was not an armed goon squad pointing assualt rifles around willy nilly. Just a polite pair of officials asking to check things out. She showed them her stuff, including the bedroom where her kestrel was kept, and went about her evening.

The next day, the US DEA did show up, including an armed goon squad with assault rifles being pointed around willy nilly.

You see, the friendly polite agents from the day before had seen some drug paraphernalia laying around during their visit. Paraphernalia that were used for the falconers state issued medical marijuana. But since that medical marijuana and the paraphernalia to consume it is illegal under federal law, those polite agents gave their friends at the DEA an easy bust.

More basically, no matter how friendly or how polite those agents are, they are there for one reason and one reason only. To bust you for doing something wrong. It is already shockingly easy for them to find ways to do that.
I am way more worried by the fact that USFWS bureaucrats are regulating something that they understand nothing about.
I had a CITES person ask me how my bird could possibly cross the Canadian border if I did not transport it.

I am also more worried about animal rights morons who outnumber us managing to outmaneuver us making this discussion irrelevant.