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You can dodge and weave all ya want. You can bring up the 'Public Trust Doctrine', or Ron Clarke's testimony, or 'darn that AFC they're just meddling in local politics', or any of the tired old arguments that have been coughed up for years. We've heard it all. But it's real simple. 4th Amendment. You're either for it, or against it.
Back to the divisive "you are either with us or against us" strategy I see. That is working just swell in congress so I am not surprised that continues to be the AFC mantra.

Winston Churchill said "If a man is 25 and not a liberal he has no heart. If he is 45 and not a conservative he has no brain". When I got to a certain age I realized that many of my grandfather's seemingly silly sayings had value. Confrontation is rarely an effective long term strategy and picking your battles avoids wasting ammunition you may need later.

There are ALWAYS gray areas and forcing the people who see them to be on the other side because they don't agree with you 100% is a tactical blunder of enormous proportions. There are not enough of us (falconers) for us to appear fragmented to the outside world and not end up being crushed by other interests.

I would think that one interested in philosophy would already know all of that. 😁