Hi Ron:

I’m don’t know why you think that these unwarranted searches and seizures only apply to CA. There are many well-known instances of this kind of thing happening in other states. You may want to check your state regs. The 4th Amendment applies to all of us, which is why the USFWS is a named defendant. As CA goes, so goes the country.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘dysfunctional’. I’ve been involved with this club for many years now, and I recall only 2 instances of what might be called ‘dysfunction’. One was 10 years ago, and the other was in late 2017. In both cases, the situations were handled expeditiously. One person got booted, and the other resigned. As far as falconry clubs go, that’s not a bad record.

Lastly, Mr. Clarke testified during an AK F&W hearing in March of 2014. The entire hearing was not posted on the AFC site, because it was quite long. Clarke said what he said, period. Anyone who wanted to see the entire hearing, only a small portion of which dealt with falconry, could have done so. It is, and always has been, readily available. http://www.adfg.alaska.gov/index.cfm...ting=anchorage

To sum up: The MBTA does not authorize warrant-less searches. It never has. There is no statutory basis for them. You either believe in the Constitution, or you don’t. Now, if you don’t, that’s OK. A lot of people don’t. The AFC does.