Hi John, and thank you for your reply-

This suit is actually quite simple, so let's go Occam's Razor on it. When you get a falconry permit, your 4th Amendment rights vanish. It's not a "delicate and sometimes annoying dance". It's unconstitutional. The end. Armed state or federal agents can show up on your property and conduct searches without a warrant or probable cause. The nuance or sophistry that can adequately defend that eludes me.

I encourage any who are interested to research 'The Public Trust Doctrine'. Find out about its original intent, and how the term has been co-opted, reinterpreted, and expanded upon over the years. It is a doctrine, not law, so you don't have to wander too far off into the weeds about it, though it is interesting.

Whether or not raptors- wild taken or captive-bred- are private property was settled long ago, so there's no need to re-hash it here. (Hint: they are).

The Pacific Legal Foundation is not a conservation organization, or an environmentalist NGO. They are a non-prof dedicated to civil rights; kind of like the ACLU, but with a decidedly libertarian bent. I didn't know that the Koch brothers donated to them. If true, that's great to hear- it makes me like them even more.

I'm not posting here to debate stuff that has been argued about for years. Many made up their minds on private property/public trust/gov't regs a long time ago. I'm merely posting this news, because I think it's pretty darn cool. If you are not a Constitutional conservative or libertarian type, there's probably not much in this suit that you'll like. If you are, it'll be like angels singing. (Cue: heavenly choir)