I have a started GWP available for sale. This dog is from Three Devils in Idaho - a highly respected GWP breeder


Price: $1,900 firm
Age: 1 1/2 year old
Sex: Male
Weight: 60 lbs

Trained around raptors - have flown a goshawk with him
Gun hunted on chukar, pheasant, quail and huns (I gun hunt new falconry dogs before they see a lot of hawking)
Retrieves to hand
Runs at medium range 150 to 350 yards generally speaking
Very people oriented - always checks in periodically without input from you
Exceptional nose and brains
Good point
Great trailing ability
Loves water
Not yet steady to wing and shot (most people dont need this)
As wirehairs go, he has a very extroverted people-oriented personality - not withdrawn. Very positive happy type.
If you haven't had wirehairs before, they are not a good match for someone who hunts infrequently. The ideal home is someone who hawks at least 4 days a week on varied quarry in varied habitats. PM IF INTERESTED

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otis 2.jpg
Otis 3.jpg