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Like inspections on a falconry permit??
I would believe so, I’m pretty sure everyone read the regulations upon signing on as part of the permit Your are basically asked to waiver your right to unwarranted search and profitable use of raptors held on your permit. No one was tricked or lead to believe otherwise. It’s the same as if your sitting in a courtroom being tried and your asked if you want a attorney and you say no, and the records show you waived this right.
Sure, you can pound somebody’s face into the construction, and probably win these kinds of cases. It’s not a for sure thing. Especially if the sole purpose is to nullify your agreement. And no wrong or harm was done to you and the letter of law followed with lawful procedures as stated it the regulations you agreed to when signing your permit application.
If the falconry community finds this issue more than unbearable, a legislative approach would probably be far more productive.