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I vehemently oppose the commercial use of wild-taken raptors. That agenda is a serious threat to the future of wild take in this country.

I dont care if people want to use captive bred raptors for monetary gain- have at it. However, hawk walks, abatement, showbusiness, and pet keeping are not falconry. Those activities should have their own set of regulations. Labeling those activities as “falconry” jeopardizes the legitimacy of falconry.

If this legal action is about stopping warantless searches- stick to that topic and fix it. The status of birds as private private property and commercial use of raptors is a separate question and should not be rolled into this legal action.

I dont appreciate the way the AFC regularly presumes to know what is best for all of falconry and speaks up loudly on “our behalf”. I find their approach abrasive, poorly concieved and counter productive.