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Thanks for sharing your mental diarrhea Geoff. I stand by what I said (that is, what I said....not what you misread and/or misconstrued).

And a criticism of the AFC in this section of the forum is exactly where it belongs.
I'm opposed to the commercialization of wild-taken raptors also. It's not that far fetched to imagine the nightmare that could potentially create.

On the topic of criticising the AFC, NAFA has its own dirty laundry. Its own power cluster of personalities who think their opinions and agendas speak for all licensed falconers in the U.S. Hasn't anyone read Carnie's book?

I don't have any answers. Heaven forbid if anyone actually does and doesn't fit neatly within the inner sanctum of the current politically correct rat pack!

What do falconers want? What long term goals should we be discussing to ensure falconry's future? Can the AFC and NAFA coexist, each with different, but interfacing missions? Are people so desensitized that any dialog is going to be considered "mental diarrhea"?