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all cops need to have some reason to pull you over, just like they might have some reason to do an inspection.
Just noticed something that you said here John.

That is precisely what is so nefarious about the regulations as they are written right now. As they regs are on paper, the US FWS does not need to have any reason whatsover to do an inspection. Most states just copied the federal language, including mine. My State agency is currently respecting the 4th amendment and is stating that drop in inspections require a warrant first.

There was a flurry of inspections here in the Seattle area a bit over 10 years ago by US FWS agents. I am not sure how the first inspection got started, beyond that it was around the time that the regulations had changed, and they wanted to go sniff around and see who was violating the rules. I personally know 4 people who were visited. The first one that I am aware that was visited was a rather naive kid at the time that had a friendly chat with the agents. One question that was asked is "What are the names of the falconers you know and that you go hunting with?" Most of the people who were mentioned also got a visit. And none of them had any reason to be visited beyond the whim of the agency.

No citations were issued, no seizures of birds happened, but that is quite beside the point.