Hey there. Mohawk918 here. I new to this group and actually still new to falconry. Im located in St. Augustine, Florida with my family. I am originally from Oklahoma where Red Tail Hawks are about as common as mosquitoes here in florida. Red Tails have always been my favorite bird and animal and always said if i could choose to be a animal what it would be would be a red tail. I have always known people hunted and owned these awesome birds but didnt know much about it. About 3 months ago i started to research this and fell in love with the whole art and sport. I dont know if i will ever do it myself but i want to learn all i can and support this and maybe someday ill be doing it and loving it. Im here to learn all i can and just meet new people. I plan tomorrow to contact the FWC to get a packet and hopefully a list of people who could let me tag along on some hunts and maybe in the future be my sponsor. I look forward to meeting everyone here and learning from you.