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    A limited number of pure Gyrfalcons will be available in 2019. All young are produced from mated pairs, with full natural incubation, hatching and rearing. Breeding facility is in the western Wyoming high country at an elevation of over 7,200 feet, which enjoys cool summers and cold winters with low humidity year-round. Breeding stock has been selected from America’s top bloodlines. Color of young birds will be white or silver.

    Falcons will be parent-reared until approximately 40 days old, when they will be removed from the breeding chambers and introduced to the 4 Week Window program developed by Lynn Oliphant. This entails taming of the young birds and introduction to the lure and hood before they are capable of flight. Hacking to develop the full physical and mental potential is an integral part of the program.

    The hack site overlooks a massive ranch with a managed waterfowl production complex incorporating 27 ponds spread over more than 14,000 acres. Beyond this ranch are the Wind River Mountains and the Jim Bridger Wilderness Area. Gyrfalcons surviving this hack will have been exposed to golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, peregrine falcons and other raptors. Primary potential wild quarry available to falcons at hack are sage-grouse and a variety of duck species.

    Once on the wing they will be encouraged to chase and compete with each other using the novel remote-controlled model aircraft known as the Berghwing, building muscle, flying skills and a mindset that are not obtainable in a breeding chamber or barn. Chasing the Berghwing essentially replicates the natural training by the adult falcons at a wild eyrie when they encourage the young birds to pursue them with prey in their feet.

    Domestic sales within the USA only.

    For more information please see

    Contact John Dahlke at 307.367.3688 or

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