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So now that you are here on NAFEX to do your own bidding, exactly how do the falconry regulations interfere with my 1st amendment rights? If I want to go to a boy scout troop and talk about falconry with a bird on my fist I am able to do so and not only that, they can reimburse me for my gas. Getting paid to do presentations is not even remotely within the scope of a falconry permit. More importantly if you wish to use birds for presentations and get paid you can simply get an educational permit for about $100 per year. The same price you paid for the special purpose abatement permit that you use to get paid to use your birds to do abatement. It is called the cost of doing business. If you are not going to make at least $100 doing those commercial activities then you might want to simply ask for gas money anyway.

I am really tired of hearing the "you can't tell me what to do" crowd telling me that I am ignoring my rights being trampled so I am either irresponsible or ignorant.
There are never any details forthcoming.

Like for example, why has AFC / PLF chosen to go to federal court with plaintiffs who just imagine that their rights might be violated when the video poster boy was allegedly invaded by armed storm troopers
and another falconer wet herself because she was not allowed to leave the room to prevent her from flushing her 3-186's. Or might it be that those people are either not interested in participating
or oooh wait... maybe they are not as innocent as the PLF would have you believe? Maybe the judge would have actually issued a warrant anyway?

Let's ditch the smoke and mirrors show. We are not as ignorant or apathetic about our rights as these promotional threads would lead people to believe.