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Giving credit where credit is due, Yes, Nafa was there when the original falconry regs were being drawn up in the 1970's. But that's like saying the Miami Dolphins won the Superbowl in 1973! Our social, economic and political landscape is totally different today! And yes, Nafa is the largest falconry organization. But how many of the U.S. licensed falconers actually belong to Nafa? Perhaps 1/3, if that! So, in essence, Nafa doesn’t represent the majority of U.S. falconers either! So please stop implying that they do!

Look, I wish falconers were more united. I think all of us do. But the fact is, Nafa is a special interest group! So is the AFC. But I’ve had the feeling for several years now that many Nafa members act like it was some sort of religious cult! It’s just a club that is supposed to represent falconers and the interest of falconers.

I first joined Nafa in 1975! I’ve made an observation over the years. There has always been the overlying shadow of a modern day caste system existing within Nafa and it seems it has been very heavily guarded at times! That was one of the main reasons the original WRTC (now AFC) was started and by one of Nafa’s original founding fathers! How paradoxical is that? People should quit acting as if Nafa is a cult and that anyone who disagrees or publicly criticizes Nafa is committing falconry sacrilege! And please quit trying to discredit, demonize and marginalize the AFC for attempting to improve falconry in the U.S.
Dan, with all due respect that is pure nonsense. NAFA is the largest falconry member organization in the world nevermind North America. This is a factual statement. NAFA doesnt claim to represent all North American falconers, but has the majority membership with no close second. AFC, as I understand it, has maybe around 100 active members. The fact that NAFA was the catalyst behind legalizing falconry is not like saying the Dolphins won the Superbowl in '73. Its recognizing the key role the organization has and is playing for falconry and falconers. Attempts at denying this is not sacrilege, its just plain factually wrong. Any objective observer would conclude that North American falconry has seen a remarkable trajectory of favorable law, regs and access to wild birds relative to almost any other country. NAFA played a key role in this, often behind the scenes and taking little credit as NAFA folks supported state clubs in their respective negotiations. My opinion is that the persistent and almost irrational critiques of NAFA are more about personal politics than falconry.