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You appear to be saying that the PLF attorney's are being disingenuous by using that quote. I'm no legal expert, and I am not well-versed in reading legal documents, but from what I see, the quote *is* in the body of the brief itself, (page 11, lines 5-9, before the exhibits) and is cited accordingly. The quote, if read in the context of the paragraph in which it appears, bolsters the assertions of the previous sentences. Why would NAFA include the quote if it did not reflect or support their position? That's the whole point of the brief, is it not? To lay out assertions and provide quotes and documents to support those assertions?
It was a quote and referred to in a reference with a exhibit. The point is that your attorney represented it in a disingenuous way as a NAFA position statement when it was really a quote from an outside document that was in fact paraphrasing NAFA's "order of priorities" which not as slanted as you are suggesting.