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Privilege comes from the Latin privus lege, or, private law. We don't have a system of private law in the U.S. A revolution was fought over it; the distinction is not small. Just because rights are legally restricted, (i.e. free speech is a right but you can't yell 'fire' etc.) does not make it less of a right. Just because you have to prove that you're not a danger to others on the road doesn't make driving a privilege. You have the right to own property, but that doesn't mean you can do anything you want with it. When we get into the mindset that the government can and should bestow privilege, in we're in big trouble.
Exactly, and this cuts directly to the heart of the matter, the AFC sees falconry as a God given right, and the US government sees it as a privilege which can only be legally practiced by those who hold a permit. The AFC seeks to abolish all falconry regulation with the exception of those that say you can not harm anyone in the practice of falconry. The effect such deregulation would be the immediate loss of wild take in the United States of America.

I stand by what I have said in the past many times. If an individual wants to practice falconry without any regulations, then have at it. File 3-186a forms and say that your birds have died, and do not renew your state permit. Go about your falconry business free of regulation, trap whatever birds you want to fly, breed them, sell them to like minded folks, hunt whenever and whatever species you chose, and keep your fat mouths shut. It's very simple, and very libertarian.