Seems to me that the director at large involved in the Alaska non-resident thing was sanctioned since he is no longer a director.
While he probably should have made a disclaimer that he was not representing NAFA, there is nothing in the NAFA bylaws which
prevents an officer from making statements on behalf of local falconers when involved in intra-state politics. Do I not have a say about
what happens in my state? My state doesn't have non-resident take but then again why would anyone want to come here to trap a
redtail or a passage gos (master falconers only for residents) when they can do that in other more suitable places anyway? If the issue
was opened up it would most likely result in the anti-falconry element coming out in force and resident take would be in jeopardy.

And let's think about this. Directors are volunteers elected by the members. Exactly how is NAFA going to sanction him? Withhold his lucrative
paycheck? Or maybe this?