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leadership folks in any similar constituent-based member organization are volunteering their time for the benefit of members. What is so disappointing about falconers is the frequency of really challenging personalities who display irrational hostility to leadership. Many of these folks frankly dont have the full picture of facts and context to ground their criticism. By in large volunteer leadership gets extremely pissed and burned out having to deal with really personal attacks. In most cases the irrational criticisms are usually based in political beliefs not falconry interests. If NAFA leadership seems aloof, critics should think about their own personal responsibility in that outcome. Anyone will start to circle the wagons after they hear enough bullets cracking by their ears its human nature.

If NAFA has done anything wrong over the years, its probably not adequately telling the story of how and why we are where we are with rules and regs etc. Also its important to remember that NAFA is not a default state club....state associations have their own role and responsibility....like any national entity, NAFA needs to be asked for help before they dive into state clubs.

I hate to say it, but most of the folks throwing the most criticism simply do not have the personal attributes to lead. After all the doors are fully open to take on leadership roles. Speaking from personal experience - the more I learned about how stakeholders make progress with agencies, the more I realized that 99% of the scenarios require patience, diplomacy, and humility, with a strong dose of stubbornness to keep one's eye on the prize. At least from my point of view, folks have varying amount of these attributes, but regardless, it takes time and seasoning to be effective. We have been lucky to have been represented by so many that have had these qualities in spades.
This is all something that people who want to whine and complain should contemplate in depth. As chief of a volunteer fire department I know first hand how people love to whine, complain and make demands but when you ask them if they would like to volunteer even a few hours of their time they rarely offer to help while they totally ignore the hundreds of hours of my time that go into keeping their houses above the cellar and they and their families able to call an ambulance if need be.

While I don't agree with everything the NAFA board does, I also don't have any time left to serve myself so I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and when I do have a problem with something they do I give them the courtesy of an email or call to discuss the situation rather than taking out an add on the front page of the NY Times to bitch about it.