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I have often heard, "these are volunteer positions." My response to that has always been, "If you don't have the time to do devote to a particular position in NAFA, then don't take on the job."

Bill Boni
What you are saying is perfectly logical but it doesn't really work out that way. When a volunteer leadership position opens up there are usually two kinds of people who can fill it:
Those who really really really want it and have loads of time to dedicate to the task and those who are qualified, desirable candidates who's time may be in short supply because they
are also qualified to be doing other things. Very often the first category of people are the ones who you least want to have the job for one reason or another. The most qualified people are often those who doubt that they are right for the job. You and I know that smart people are aware of exactly how much they do not know. The people who think they know everything are going to cause problems. The ones who just want to be in charge are also to be avoided at all costs.

Volunteering in a leadership role is a mostly thankless time consuming and stressful endeavor.