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I hear you, Ron. A good example would be the NAFA President job; this is a job that, under no circumstances, would I even consider taking on. In fact, I'm not sure why people even want to be president, as it is--as you say--"thankless, time-consuming, and stressful'; it is also costly because (as I have been told) making a NAFA showing at a lot of these functions is paid for out of pocket. But, I can't imagine the directors' jobs being all that laborious. I think it is more of a matter of how much effort people are willing to put into the job.

Bill Boni
Our last 2 NE directors have made a much better effort to "engage the members" for lack of a better description. Prior to that it was hit or miss. I got the impression that the previous people had their arms twisted into taking the job. I am not being critical of those individuals since if that is the case nobody else stepped to the plate so we only have ourselves to blame.
In the big picture just touching base with members to see how they feel about issues being discussed by the board is nice. Despite the dangerous ideas of our current general counsel we elect our directors and they represent us on the board so NAFA is in fact a member guided organization. It may be representative democracy but that is far different from a board run organization. A good example of that type of outfit would be various charitable foundations that give away lots of money. Most of those boards are appointed by people who ponied up the cash in the first place.

I agree that our current president does a pretty good job of hearing people out. Given that for n falconers there are n+1 opinions his ear must hurt from talking on the phone and I hope NAFA will pick up the tab for his carpal tunnel surgery.