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I made some reference to him as an official representative of NAFA. Anyone who knew the lay of the land was welcome to connect those dots, but I did not drag his name through the mud. I pointedly left his name out of it.

Your words, not mine. Do not put that on me. Once again, I did not say he was a dismal failure. He might have been, but I did not say it. For all I know he did a lot of fantastic things while he was in the role. I really would not know, because most of the time he was chairing that committee I was refusing to participate in NAFA over issues that I had with the NAFA leadership. And during that time when I was not supporting NAFA, I just was not paying that close attention to the all of the little details of their business.
Damn, Geoff, you said in your previous post that you were not going to take this discussion any further. I'm disappointed :-(

Bill Boni