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There's a person, I hesitate to call them a falconer, on Facebook who has an axe to grind with the evil empire, oh sorry, I mean NAFA. I thought in the spirit of open discussion I'd post his manifesto here. What do you all think?

P.S. I think he actually meant to write "severe", not sever, as in cut off.

As you may recall, I was hoping that we would define what NAFA has accomplished over the years (which some of us tried to do) and see if any of NAFA's accomplishments conflicted with these transgressions that Paul posted. Thus far I don't see where any of the accomplishments we have mentioned conflicts at all with what this person evidently posted somewhere. I am not sure what this suggests. I am also not sure, (assuming we are, in fact, attempting to truly reveal the validity of these comments) if this is the proper way to go either, without that person being part of the discussion, as s/he could best explain the true meaning and intent behind these contentions.

Bill Boni