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Trust me, I know all about getting people to work together that have different opinions (some strong), and let us not forget the part that personalities and egos play in the grand scheme of things, as I spent 27 years in the Marine Corps, dealing with people from all different walks of life; and talk about egos--yikes, there were some whoppers in that environment. But, in the end, we always put the mission first, and came together for the sake of the mission and the Corps. But, we were on on the same playing field, just like the folks in your fire department; plus, we were dealing with each other eyeball to eyeball, not so on social media. So, the "big picture" you have described doesn't work well in this arena; it never has. But, thanks for your advice; most appreciated.

Bill Boni
I do recall you have mentioned your experience in the corps so I am sure you understand how the personality dynamics work.

As a small group with substantial detractors falconers have no choice but to rise above the behavior expected elsewhere on social media.
We can either stick together despite our differences or allow those differences to become fractures that will eventually allow those who
are not fond of what we do to exploit our inability to circle our wagons. I am sure that there are some falconers that disagree with me on
various issues and probably some (perhaps even many) who have decided they simply don't like me for one reason or another but I hope that
despite reaching those conclusions they have also realized I am willing to work with just about anyone when it comes to preserving what our
common interest.