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I do recall you have mentioned your experience in the corps so I am sure you understand how the personality dynamics work.

As a small group with substantial detractors falconers have no choice but to rise above the behavior expected elsewhere on social media.
We can either stick together despite our differences or allow those differences to become fractures that will eventually allow those who
are not fond of what we do to exploit our inability to circle our wagons. I am sure that there are some falconers that disagree with me on
various issues and probably some (perhaps even many) who have decided they simply don't like me for one reason or another but I hope that
despite reaching those conclusions they have also realized I am willing to work with just about anyone when it comes to preserving what our
common interest.

Social media does not define us and, believe me, falconers will definitely circle the wagons if push comes to shove, just like we did during in the aftermath of Operation Falcon. However, I do agree that there may be people who don't like you because of things you have said, even though they may have never met you. I know of people who don't like me, whom I have never met, simply because of what I have said on social media that they did not appreciate, or something that they have only heard, which may or may not be true. But, Ron, that's life in the Big City. I know a falconer who has been around for many years and is very popular. He is popular--as I have told him--because he has always placed his true feelings about people close to the vest. So, if you want to be popular, just keep your mouth shut :-) and/or simply say good things about people, regardless of how you feel; it is as simple as that.

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