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    In response to the original post, here are some thoughts on the items (i realize a lot of this has been covered):

    1. Not true, we have non native raptors. Tons of them. Why would the North American falconers association be interested in non native raptors anyway? That is not relevant to continuing North American falconry, which at the core is about the wild take of raptors and pursuing quarry.

    3. I’m not sure what sever is, but NAFA was heavily involved in the Reg change over, but as the below point shows, it was state issues and that is not their playground. It’s not a volunteer organization for national representation so that it can get involved at a state level with extremely limited resources. They were involved in the framework and rule making, that’s where the effort belongs. There were NAFA representatives following up with every state to help, but ultimately it was up to each state. NAFA wasn't going to do it for anyone, and they shouldn't. California was almost dead last, which is where the person who posted this list is from. Interesting that they would try and blame NAFA (which they are not a member) instead of getting involved at his state level to help?

    2. & 4. Deal with falconry at state levels. NAFA is a federal organization, the states didn’t ask for help, why would they inject themselves when not asked? Not to mention in the alaska situation the very person he is blaming is the one responsible for us even having non-resident take in AK now.

    5. Is merely opinion and conjecture from someone who isn’t in the organization. Plus what would that change??? What’s the up or the down side?

    6. Failure to announce....hmmm announce what? Was there a press release from the feds that we now privately own our raptors? Given that when we take them, they are reduced to possession, we have always privately retained them. That’s not new! Same as when you catch a fish.

    7. Actually we do vote for the president, by voting for our director initially. We have the ability to influence our directors and how they vote.

    So it seems to me it is a list of unfounded opinions. Even if someone chooses to look at the world through cracked and broken lenses this list provides, they are also living in the very far past and at no point are trying to improve the situation. As has been said here, it's a volunteer group, rather than bitch, roll up your sleeves and get involved. Otherwise, don't waste everyone's time living on a stack of lies from the past.
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