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Thirdly, i have never heard your take on how Dan left NAFA. And, I don't ever recall Dan saying anything like what you have suggested. What I have heard is Dan resigned from the eagle committee and left NAFA because he was thoroughly disgusted with the way NAFA tending to eagle issue.
You heard wrong. Dan did not resign from the eagle committee, he was pushed out by someone who was jealous of his position and wanted his job. I know this from several sources, including Dan himself. He did resign from NAFA (or more correctly, refused to renew his dues) because of how he was treated. He told me today he is done with the skunk pissing in this thread - which is wise of him - so that is as far as I will take it here and now.

Fourth, I didn't know Brian Kellogg was such a dismal failure on the eagle committee. And since he was living in Washing State (where you live) at the time, and had for many years, I am surprised that you have chosen to disrespect him. But, then again, look what I have done to Dan.
I did not mention Brian, why did you?

That is who I was referring to, but I refrain from dragging peoples name through the mud when they are not around to wipe it off. I did not disrespect him, what I stated is exactly what happened. There are a lot more things that I could say that I did not, things that are well known by those who know him and watched events unfold. As a side note, I think it is rather odd that you are implying that just because the guy is from the same state as me I should be looking up to him. That actually is precisely why I know the nature of that particular proverbial leopard's spots. Some I admire, more that I do not.

Also, dont begin to put words in my mouth. I did not say that he was a dismal failure on the eagle committee. I actually have no idea what, if anything, he did with his position on that committee. I expressed some harsh criticism over the lack of action in keeping eagle take open, but that is a fact based statement. On that particular point, he was asleep at his post.