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Thread: Hello from the Hudson Valley, NY

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    Default Hello from the Hudson Valley, NY

    Hi all,

    My name is Chris (Christina), I just moved to Philipstown NY-near Peekskill, just over the border in Putnam County. I passed my test last year, but didn't live somewhere where I could build mews. So I spent the past year going to events around the state, getting out trapping and hunting with a few people, and buying a house :-). Years ago, I worked with raptors in an educational setting (Teatown, for anyone local). So this has been a lifelong journey. Anybody nearby? I'd love to hear your stories, talk about potential hunting spots (I have my eye on a few), things that work well (or not) around here.

    Hope everyone's having a great summer,


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    Hi Chris,

    Congratulations on the house. I currently attend Law School just across the Tappan Zee Bridge, and commute to that area on a regular basis. It is quite close to where you live if I am not mistaken. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet or see any NY falconers in that area. Most of my hunting is in Central to South Jersey, as the space is just too small in North Jersey to fly a longwing, but, nonetheless, we can keep in touch if you'd like.
    Alex Scolavino
    New Jersey

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