Rare opportunity to start your season with a hacked gyrkin.

Raised and hacked following the 4 Week Window program developed by Lynn Oliphant. Taken from chamber with his brother at 36 days of age, tamed to people, hoods and setter dogs. Trained to lure prior to release for daily retrieval to spend nights in mews safe from owls. On the fist and the block he displays the calm demeanor that is the hallmark of a confident gyrkin.

Both parents are Konkel lineage and were superb sage grouse hawks during their falconry careers, avoiding eagles many times. The mother would stoop from a speck down to the glove.

This gyrfalcon is a powerhouse pure muscle, now weighing in at 1,085 grams. During the period of liberty he was ranging at least 10 miles from home, often at heights beyond the limits of vision. Total duration of hack was 30 days. He was very loyal about coming in to the lure for his evening meals, and never spent a night out.

Due to summer temperature extremes across much of the country, shipping would be difficult and potentially dangerous. Pickup much preferred from Pinedale, Wyoming.

For more information and price contact John Dahlke, email preferred using jdahlke@wyoming.com

Gyrkin wings drooped.jpg Bud and white in mews.jpgP1070473.jpgGyrkin coming in.jpgbud on pipe.jpgGyrkin flaring.jpg