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Could you have your connection make a couple 434 transmitters and incase them in some type of velco wrap (see the MarcoPolo product I mentioned in my original post) that I can attach to a couple collars? If I go to the NAFA meet, you can introduce me to your connection and I will buy them off of him! LOL

No problem. Transmitter $30. NRE to first article on the little ballistic nylon case $1,030. Nylon cases $20 per for further copies (minimum order 100 pieces).

More economical would be a CBP transmitter at $30, put a few holes in your existing collar and fasten the transmitter to it with half a dozen small zip ties. The flat form factor makes it easy to do. Equally a Marshall UHF Scout with a leg mount loop on the case is flat form factor and would work just fine with a few zip ties, and you wouldn't need to undo the zip tie at the bewit loop to change the battery.

And about my suggestion to check on TinyLoc. They have 433-434 MHz "Minihond" collars for E75 vat incl. (Oops, they are out of stock just now). Uses two AAA batteries. The 430-439 MHz beep receiver is E450 vat incl.(supposedly in stock). Great form factor for someone who wants to carry a receiver in the field when working a shortwing in heavy cover.

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