I still use 216 dog collars. I also use 216 backup transmitters on my birds. Never bought a 433 receiver when I got the GPS system. Didnít really see the need.

I recently purchased a second GPS transmitter that I will use on my dog when hunting upland game. When Iím duck hawking I will use it on my second bird, so I can have them both ready to go at a moments notice. Iíve only used it on the dog a couple of times so far, but so far I like it. I asked Marshal about GPS dog collars. They said they are working on one, but it will be a while before itís out. Definitely not this season. I didnít ask about traditional dog collars in 433, so I donít know if thatís in the works. You might give them a call, and ask if they plan to ever make them. They might not. They might figure there wouldnít be a market once they have a GPS dog collar.