Spencer is a 2017 Male Harris Hawk hunts roughly at 660 grams. He chases fur or feathers. He is absolutely quiet with the exception of a very rare soft whistle once in a blue moon. He just finished moulting and is feather perfect. He will hunt from glove, t perch, car window or follow through the trees. He is lure trained. He has been flown with other male harris hawks without aggression at all on his part. Has not been flown with any females yet. Has hunted over a dog. The only reason I am selling him is I hunt areas with way too many squirrels and not enough rabbits - so I am going back to Red Tails for now. I am asking $700 plus crate & shipping or pick up in Louisiana. I am willing to meet a reasonable distance (maybe a couple hours drive) from zip code 70722. Text or Call Anthony at 225-772-8032 for pictures or with your questions.