Hi Everyone,

My name is Samson Olive. I currently live in Utah County and have been a falconer for 4 working on 5 years now. I am currently flying three imprint birds. Last year was my first year as a general and I may or may not have gotten a little over zealous and did two imprints. A wild take female prairie and a captive bred tiercel f1 anatum produced by Jordan Fisher out of Utah. This year I drew out on the peregrine draw and was lucky enough to get a nice female anatum.

My first bird I flew was a passage female merlin and then second year I flew a passage prairie female. Since starting, longwings has always been my interest and end game. I would like to eventually try flying other birds but for the time being I am loving my team I have now.

I am excited to be on here and learn from so many of you.