I have been reading through some of the OAR chapter 55 laws about the falconry regulations in Oregon and had a quick question. Are Northern Harrier's and other indigenous species such as Barn owls, Osprey, and White-tailed Kites allowed for use in falconry at the general and master falconer level? I'm curious because OAR rules are not very clear according to section 635-055-003.

Oregon falconry regulations:
For that specific section (link here: https://secure.sos.state.or.us/oard/...VrsnRsn=170219), subsection #6 says that "Only indigenous raptor species, raptors listed in 50 CFR 10.13 and raptors classified as non-controlled or controlled in the Oregon Wildlife Integrity Rules (OAR 635-056) are allowed".

Link to
50 CFR 10.13: https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/50/10.13

Upon examining 50 CFR 10.13 (Federal bird migration species act, protected section), Harrier's, barn owls, osprey, and White-failed Kites are all listed as species on there. Additionally, all 4 of those species are indigenous to the state of Oregon. Would that therefore conclude that all 4 of those species are allowed for the use of falconry in Oregon? The wording can be VERY confusing and not all the way straight forward. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thanks!!