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Hello guys,
I'm a farmer living in Sénégal (West Africa) who's been interested in raptors for years now (essentially doing some birding).I've decided (now that I have the time..) to learn seriously about falconry before eventually acquiring a bird next year.I've contacted Nigel Hawkins to book a a week long training in 2021 and I'm reading various books at the moment and also of course this forum which is a real gold mine !
All the Best to all


Is there any history of falconry en Senegal that you know of? All the falconry in Africa that I am aware of are from the areas influencedy by the Arabian culture North of the Sahara or from the areas colonized by the British - chiefly South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Senegal is a very interesting place....look forward to hearing about your journey if you take it up.

Oh, and welcome!