Hey all. My name is Blake. I'm located about 35 miles west of Philadelphia. Closer to more farm country than city life, but in the sweet spot to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Growing up, my family vacations consisted of annual camping in the Poconos (rarely to the beaches and shores) and to my Granparent's home in Potter County. Meaning I spent most of my childhood barefoot in the woods and around lakes, catching and releasing anything I could find...turtles, snakes, frogs, newts, bugs. There was no end to my fascination of living creatures and observing them in the wild. My Granparent's were avid hunters of most everything. Large and small game. Almost all my dinners there consisted of venison or some other meat obtained and prepared by my Grandparents. My Grandfather was an avid fly fisherman as well and would always take me out as a volunteer to help stock trout prior to the start of fishing season or teach me how to tie flys for his tackle. Then there were the local farmers where their pork and dairy came from. But these farmers were also friends and neighbors who allowed me to explore their farms. Witnessing everything from the milking of cows, the births of calves, to the signs of the inevitable sacrifice some of these animals gave to provide both food and income for those who lived here everday. The generosity of those around me was endless. Showing and sharing with me everything, from how to tap maples trees to collect sap and make maple syrup, to how to siphon off a bit of raw milk to make friends with the barn cats (I have yet to meet a kitten I didn't like!). I never did any sort of hunting myself, but was fortunate enough to learn to have a deep respect for nature and all living things.

Which brings me here...I guess. I have always been fascinated by aviation. In both machines and animals. I don't know what compelled me to begin reading about Falconry, but I did. In doing so, I have become instantly fascinated. The more I read, the more questions and desire I have to learn more about this incredible art.

I am a bit overwhelmed to say the least. From what I can tell, I believe the season may be starting in August here in PA. I have read through most of the Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust website. It does not appear as though there are any upcoming events posted. I would love to be more informed and able to witness some of these events and meet experienced, like minded people. Ultimately seeing where this path might lead me.

So, if you're in my area or even just willing to guide someone new along. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. Or even just saying "hi" back would be awesome.

If you've made it this far, I thank you kindly for reading and would love to hear anything from you!